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Monthly Afternoon Family Service

family service

Dates for the Summer Term:

Sunday 7th May - 4.00pm 

Sunday 4th June - 4.00pm

Sunday 2nd July - 4.00pm

All taking place at St Peter's Nursery, 

59a Portobello Road.

Recognising the multitude of commitments that today's families have with extra-curricular activities overlapping with our weekly 10.30am Family service, we have introduced an afternoon service which takes place monthly.

Aimed at families with primary school aged children, it starts at 4.00pm with a cup of tea (or squash) and a biscuit, before a short informal service centred around the children from 4.30 to 5.00pm. 

The Afternoon Family Service takes place at St Peter's Nursery on Portobello Road, which is a perfect environment for the children to get involved, with some songs and a bible story.

family service  family service

Get in touch with Adrian May to find out more, or come and join us.