What work needs to be done to St Peter's

Our church has been a pillar of the local community since 1857. And, we have a responsibility to maintain this glorious building which is a Grade II* listed building.

We recently undertook a survey that shows we urgently need to repair the distinctive lime washed façade and the west roof of the Church.

The interior was extensively restored in 2007, and the exterior hasn't been fully painted for nearly 30 years. The last time any extensive work was done to the outside of our Church was before the Second World War - in the 1930s!

Here are some images of the how the building has suffered, and where we need to focus our efforts to restore it.

Cracks in the pillars:

Weeds growing from fissures in the portico:

Gaping cracks in the window frames - opening up the building to the inclement weather:

Missing stucco capitals by the entrance to the Church:

Below is a link to a gallery additional photos showing how the Church building is deteriorating:


But, with your help, we can reverse this.Please donate to our Façade Appeal:

Cheques payable to: St Peter's Church (Fundraising), please post them to St Peter's Parish Office, 59a Portobello Road, London W11 3B.

By BACs to account number 20357542 and sort code: 60-83-01, reference Façade

If you are eligible to gift aid we can claim £1.25 on every £5 donated.

Gift Aid Form online here: alternatively print off and send us the Gift Aid declaration form

Background to the Facade Appeal

St Peter’s is not just an iconic landmark or an important architectural gem.  It is the lively hub and a pillar of the Notting Hill community.  Every week over 1,300 local people walk under the somewhat diminished splendour of our much loved church entrance to worship, to find companionship, entertainment and solace.

We welcome everyone from NCT groups and Under 3’s at our playgroup to senior citizens from the Kensington & Chelsea Forum and our local Age UK Memories Cafe for those living with the challenge of Alzheimer’s and those who care for them.  We offer vital space and support for RBK&C sponsored mental healthcare groups such as the Depression Alliance and counselling service HELP as well as partnering with other important local organisations such the 240 Homeless project whose Summer exhibition is the highlight of our Summer programme in the gallery upstairs. St Peter’s is a collection point for the North Paddington Food Bank and the home of the regional  NHS Cook & Taste nutrition group working with those combating eating disorders or needing special diets or diabetes advice.  There are few other local community spaces left of an affordable nature for the charitable and often vulnerable community groups for whom our facilities provide an important base.

Each day and every week the green doors open to welcome people to listen to a free lunchtime music concert, sing in one of a range of choirs, play in one of a variety of musical ensembles, attend an exhibition in the gallery, watch children in a school production or enjoy a West End standard performance from the Ladbroke Players, attend a garden square or charity’s AGM all within St Peter’s. 

All of these activities benefit from the beauty and spacious elegance of St Peter’s and in turn they bring the church to life but we do need funds to preserve the building which supports all these wonderful events.  Please help us by supporting the Façade Appeal and encourage others to help us to reach our target of £240,000 to repair the distinctive lime washed façade and west roof