St. Peter's Hall (1991) Charity is a separate legal entity to the Church. It has its own Trust Deed and Board of Trustees. St Peter's Hall (1991) Charity is a part of many people's lives in many different ways.  The Hall is home to a diverse group of activities, including our St Peter's Nursery, self-help groups and an array of classes for both children and adults, as well home to the Parish Office for St Peter's Church.  St Peter's Hall also provides a home to the extremely popular Farm Girl Cafe, fashion label 'Sister Jane' and The Highland Store who operate successfully every Saturday from the Nursery premises.  

The objectives of St. Peter's Hall (1991) Charity are educational with a particular concern for the less affluent member of the local community. These objectives are met primarily through the work of St Peter's Nursery School as the Hall continues to provide rent free accommodation. A weekly homework club for local primary schools continues to support Year 6 students in English and Maths. Additionally, the Hall Charity offers subsidised rates to self help organisations, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous who use the Hall for their weekly meetings.

The Hall space above Farm Girl Cafe is enjoyed by the larger community with over 1000 children and adults participating in activities every week. The children activities range from ballet, acting, art classes as well as children parties. The adults activities include ballet, life drawing, exercise classes and tango lessons! 

Please see timetable for details on all the activities within the Hall space.  If you are interested in renting the hall please contact the office on : 02077928227